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The Oregon wage claim and hour attorneys at Schuck Law, LLC are experienced in representing employees who were either not paid all their wages or whose wages were not timely paid. The partners have prosecuted wage and hour claims in Oregon and have helped employees collect their regular wages, minimum wages, overtime wages, and/or penalty wages for thousands of former clients located throughout Oregon and Washington. Our wage claim attorneys also have significant experience in litigating wage and hour class actions in state and federal courts. All wage and hour claims at Schuck Law, LLC are taken on a contingency basis. Given the significant experience of the Oregon wage claim attorneys at Schuck Law, LLC, you can feel confident in the advice they render and the probability of success when you retain Schuck Law to claim your wages.

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David A. Schuck

I graduated from Portland, Oregon’s own Woodrow Wilson High School and Portland State University. In 1999, I obtained an MBA and Law degree from Texas Tech University. Read More

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Stephanie J. Brown

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New Hampshire in 1992 and then graduated from the University of New Hampshire School of Law in 2001. Read More

July 1, 2017 Increase to the Oregon Minimum Wage Rate

On July 1, 2017, the Oregon minimum wage rate increased.  Oregon went to a two tier minimum wage rate system.  If you work in an urban area, at least for now the Portland metro area, the minimum wage rate is $11.25 per hour.  If you work outside the urban area, then the minimum wage rate is $9.50.  If you work both inside and outside, they must either pay you the higher rate for all hours, or track your hours worked in each and pay you the correct hourly rate for all hours you work inside the metropolitan area.  If you were not paid the correct minimum wage rate, you likely have a minimum wage claim. Oregon Minimum Wage.

While it may seem trivial that your Oregon employer or boss did not pay a few cents per hour, it is not. Wage Theft. Oregon minimum wage law entitles you to a minimum wage civil penalty where an Oregon employer or boss pays less than the minimum wage. This means that you could receive up to $2,700.00 as an Oregon minimum wage civil penalty in addition to the unpaid minimum wages you were due. This is true even if you are only a few cents per hour less than the minimum wage rate required by Oregon. Further, should your employment end, and your Oregon employer or boss did not pay the minimum wage for all hours you worked, you may also be entitled to penalty wages under Oregon law of up to $2,700.00. Thus, Oregon wage law may entitle you to a minimum wage civil penalty and Oregon penalty wages, for total penalties of up to $5,400.00, plus your unpaid minimum wages. Further, Oregon minimum wage law allows employees to recover their costs and attorney fees allowing the attorneys at Schuck Law, LLC to take minimum wage cases on a contingency fee basis—essentially being paid by your Oregon employer to win your Oregon minimum wage case. If your Oregon employer fails to pay a large number of employees (over 40) at the new minimum wage, you could have a class action case for unpaid Oregon minimum wages, and the Oregon minimum wage civil penalties for all the affected employees. (Minimum Wage Class Actions in Oregon).  Claim your wages and penalties by contacting the Oregon wage claim attorneys at Schuck Law.  We can help you recover the wages and penalties you are due.

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Employees Win Their Appeal and Can Now Prosecute their Overtime Claim and Wage Retaliation Claim
The Oregon wage claim attorneys at Schuck Law, LLC recently won the clients/employees the right to proceed on their federal overtime claim under the FLSA. The federal court in Oregon had previously ruled that an employer could deduct overtime paid to an employee on their piece rate from a production bonus. The federal court had also held that the employer could discriminate against the employee from making an internal complaint regarding their wages. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed holding that the employer’s pay plan violated federal overtime laws and that internal complaints regarding your wages are sufficient to trigger protections under anti-discrimination laws in Oregon. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion.  The employer also sought United States Supreme Court review to change this opinion, however, that review was denied. SC rev. den. This case helps Oregon employees by stopping employers from deducting overtime wages from other money/wages they owe to their employees and further by clarifying that employers cannot discriminate against employees who complain about perceived problems with their wages.

Oregon Wage Claim Attorneys.
The wage claim lawyers at Schuck Law, LLC regularly prosecute Oregon minimum wage claim lawsuits for employees who were not paid all their minimum wages. Our wage claim attorneys also prosecute class action minimum wage lawsuits for groups of employees who were not paid their minimum wages because of a uniform practice of the employers. (Minimum Wage Class Actions in Oregon) In addition to recovery of minimum wages, and minimum wage civil penalty, an employee may also sue to recover their attorney fees incurred in the prosecution of the minimum wage claim lawsuit.

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