How to Claim Your Wages?

The three most common ways for you to claim your wages are:

1. You can claim your wages through filing a lawsuit. The lawyers at Schuck Law regularly help employees like you claim their wages by filing lawsuits. The lawsuits are commonly called a wage claim. Often when employees like you are forced to claim your wages through the filing of a lawsuit, the law provides significant penalties to both compensate you and punish the employer for violating the wage and hour laws. Oregon wage claims page.

2. You can claim your wages by filing a claim with the state or federal government. Oregon and Washington both have state agencies that can also assist in helping you claim your wages. BOLI

3. You can negotiate with your employer. We rarely see this resulting in extra money in good settlements being paid to the employees. Further, there is risk in attempting to handle the matter yourself, you miss penalties or wages you were not considering.

Why should I use the lawyers at Schuck Law to claim my wages?

1. The attorneys at Schuck Law have significant experience filing wage claims to help employees claim their wages. In fact, nearly 100% of our cases are to assist employees against their employers. Helping you claim your wages is the primary reason that Schuck Law exists.
Our People.

2. Having an attorney whose background focuses on recovering wages means that our attorneys will hunt for the best laws to protect you. Sometimes the best laws are federal and sometimes state laws are better. Some laws come with additional risks and understanding the difference is the best way for you, as the client, to determine how to proceed.

3. Schuck Law makes it easy to claim your wages by taking your wage claims on a contingency fee basis, essentially being paid by your current or former employer to collect your wages and penalties.

You may want to claim your wages through the government

1. Using BOLI or another government entity to claim your wages makes sense in certain circumstances. While it is not possible to go through all the circumstances, one would be if you are certain that the employer cannot pay the wages, or the employer has gone out of business. BOLI, as a government agency, may have additional ways to help you recover the unpaid wages.