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What hours must my employer pay me (wages)?
All time spent by an non-exempt employee performing activities which are job-related is potentially hours worked. This includes the employee’s regular hours recorded on the time clock or time reports. It also may include “off the clock” time spent performing job-related activities (which benefit the employer). If an employer knows the employee is doing work (or could have found out by looking), and lets the employee do it, the employer likely will be responsible to pay wages for all hours worked.

With only a few exceptions, all time an employee is required to be at the premises of the employer is work time. This includes breaks and nonproductive time. For example a gas attendant waiting for cars to pull in must be paid wages for this time.

Common errors made by employers in paying for time worked:
1. Volunteer Time
2. Free Time or Off-the-Clock Time
3. Lunch Breaks
4. Travel Time
5. Training Time

Wage Claim Attorneys

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Wage Claim Attorneys.
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