Portland, Oregon Sick Time Leave Law

How to Earn Portland, Oregon Sick Time
Employees working for employers in the city of Portland, Oregon accrue and are entitled to paid sick time leave. Sick Time Ordinance. The employee who works in Portland, Oregon accrues the sick leave at the rate of one hour for each 30 hours the employee works. However, the employee must have worked a period of 90 days of employment before being able to take paid sick leave. This is true, even though the employee has been accruing paid sick leave time since the start of employment. (Also has a 240 hour of work inside Portland, Oregon city limits). The maximum hours of Portland sick time leave that can be accrued is 40 hours. An employer can comply with Portland’s sick leave laws through the use of their PTO (Paid Time Off) and vacation pay programs. PTO Page. But these employer programs must meet the vesting and accrual standards of Portland’s leave laws.

Employees can enforce Portland’s leave laws by filing wage claims. Oregon treats PTO and vacation pay as wages. Oregon should treat Portland’s Sick Leave laws the same way. Therefore, where an employee has not been paid the required sick leave pay, as required by Portland’s laws, the employee should bring a wage claim to recover the unpaid wages. In addition, if the wages were not paid after the employment has ended, the employee can sue for penalty wages. If an employer/boss willfully fails to timely pay all final wages, the employee may be able to recover up to 30 days of penalty wages in addition to the unpaid wages by having our Oregon wage claim attorneys file a wage claim lawsuit in Oregon. Late Pay Page.

Other Sick Leave Laws
The state of Oregon is considering its own sick leave laws. Eugene has implemented its own sick leave law. It can be found at Council Ordinance No. 20537. Other cities are likely to follow Portland and Eugene’s lead. So you should check into the city and counties where you are working to determine if any sick leave laws apply in the area in which you work. If they do, likely you will have the same wage claims as discussed above.
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