Oregon Travel Time

Does my employer have to pay for time I am traveling during the work day?
Generally yes. Travel time that occurs during the course of the employee’s work day generally must be paid as work time.

Does my employer have to pay me to travel to and from work?
Generally no. Travel time between home and work is generally not compensable work time. However, the answer can change depending upon circumstances. If your employer requires you to meet somewhere then go to a job site, or requires you to pick up and bring other employees, that time may be compensable.

When my employer sends me on overnight trips, does the travel time count as work time?
It depends. Generally travel that falls within your normal work hours must be compensated, even if the travel occurs on your day off.

I normally work at the Portland plant, but my employer is making me travel to the Salem
plant because they need help, does my employer have to pay for my drive or travel time?

Generally yes. Where the employee is required to work in another city more than 30 miles away, the travel time likely will be compensable work time.

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