You May Have A Class Action Minimum Wage Claim

You May Have A Class Action Minimum Wage Claim
If you worked for an employer who employs many minimum wage workers, and it failed to pay 50 or more other employees their minimum wage, you should consider the benefits of filing a class action. Some of the more common reasons my clients have given for choosing to represent their co-workers in class actions have been that they feel more comfortable seeking recovery for all who were injured because there is strength in numbers, and they have a genuine concern for their fellow employees. There are other potential benefits to bringing a class action case and helping your co-workers. If you feel you have a minimum wage claim and would like to discuss the possibility and benefits of bringing that case either individually, or as a representative in a class action lawsuit, we will discuss your case with you free of charge and without obligation to proceed.

If your employment has ended and your employer did not pay all your minimum wages, you may be entitled to penalty wages of up to $2,148.00. The penalty wages provided under Oregon law may be in addition to your minimum wage civil penalty set out above. Further, Oregon minimum wage laws allow employees to recover their attorney fees from the employer. This allows the attorneys at Schuck Law, LLC to take minimum wage class action cases on a contingency fee basis, essentially being paid by your employer to win your case.

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