Casey McCormick
March 28, 2018

In a time of need with specific wage and pay issues, THIS was one of two Attorneys/groups that reached out to me for a very legitimate situation. I was quite discouraged prior to talking to David Schuck and Karen A. Moore at Shuck Law, LLC.
They saw the issues and in our consultation, took an approach that clearly defined their passion for their work.

If you are experiencing employment related work problems, violations, concerns-I suggest checking out Schuck Law to see if they can be of assistance. They cover Washington and Oregon. I am currently using the services of Karen A. Moore on a wage/pay situation and without a doubt I was meant to find her(and David)and have her representaion in my matter. In times of need, I reached out to 12 Oregon wage/employee rights Attorneys and Karen and David were one of two who offered to even hear my situation. That speaks volumes on coming together with the right match. Sincere gratitude to Schuck Law,LLC and Karen A. Moore for her belief in employee rights under the law.