FLSA Overtime Claim

The Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA for short, is a set of federal laws which may require an employer to pay 1 1/2 times the employee’s regularly hourly rate for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a single workweek. (Washington Hours Worked Page)

My employer did not pay me 1 1/2 times my hourly rate, do I have an FLSA claim?

You probably have an overtime wage claim lawsuit under the FLSA. If you are a non-exempt employee, and your employer did not pay you 1 1/2 times your regular hourly rate for all hours worked over 40 hours in a single workweek, you can file a lawsuit. Your wage claim lawsuit under the FLSA would seek unpaid overtime wages, plus liquidated damages. Liquidated damages are equal to the amount of unpaid wages. Thus, if you were not paid $3,000 in overtime wages, your FLSA overtime claim would seek $6,000. In this example, it may also be possible to sue for an addition $3,000 under Washington law. (Washington Wage Page).

Are all employees supposed to get paid overtime?

Most employees are required to be paid overtime wages. Under the right circumstances, where an employee performs the correct duties, that employee can be exempt under the FLSA meaning they may not be due overtime wages. (Overtime Exemptions Page). Our Lawyers prosecute Washington wage and hour claims for unpaid wages, minimum wages, and overtime wages in Washington state and are located in Vancouver, Washington.